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EuroNews TV

ケーブルテレビや衛星放送なしでEuroNews TVからオンラインでUnited Kingdomを視聴しますか
あなたはもうケーブルテレビの視聴登録を必要としません。 ケーブルテレビや衛星放送を購読しなくても、当社のサービスストリームを使用できます。 あなたもあなたのテレビで見ることができます! これはあなたがオンラインでテレビを見るための最良の方法です。

EuroNews TVテレビを無料でオンラインで見る

 公開済み February 19, 2019, そして最後に変更された 1 year ago.

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Euronews is a European television channel, based in Lyon, which is responsible for transmitting information to the entire eurozone in the most objective way possible, and especially without the video intervention of journalists, using only the voice for commenting on the images transmitted.

Even the use of graphics is greatly reduced, in contrast to the choices of important graphics and the impact of other information channels. Euronews is supported by the European Union itself for the public service mission and broadcasts in 13 languages.

The programming shows a block every 30 minutes consisting of precise elements: opening news, a promo break, news on the business and the European markets, columns dedicated to sports, current affairs and society, while closing the No Comment program eliminates completely the comments of the journalists showing only images and shots, to leave free view space to viewers.

Euronews is visible via satellite and cable, but much more comfortably visible in live streaming from the web, legally and for free, to stay up to date on European news.


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