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あなたはもうケーブルテレビの視聴登録を必要としません。 ケーブルテレビや衛星放送を購読しなくても、当社のサービスストリームを使用できます。 あなたもあなたのテレビで見ることができます! これはあなたがオンラインでテレビを見るための最良の方法です。


 公開済み October 23, 2015, そして最後に変更された 9 months ago.

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ServiTarot, plataforma lider de Tarot con canales en directo las 24 horas en internet, programas especiales en video, horóscopo diario y numerosos servicios más. Gabinete de Expertos disponibles las 24 horas del día los 365 días del año para atenderte por teléfono con profesionalidad, cercanía y máxima discreción.

ServiTarot is Tarot's leading platform with 24-hour live channels on the internet, special video-on-demand content and numerous additional services. Our programs are presented by the most famous automates, tarotistas, seers and astrologers of Spain and Latin America. 100% of the broadcast is of our own production, made in our own facilities, equipped with the latest audiovisual technology.

The objective of Servitarot is to offer its viewers the possibility of interacting in all their programs by making, if they wish, live tarot consultations through their participation with the set or in private through our Cabinet of Experts, operating 24 hours a day. hours of the day 365 days a year by phone.

All voice solutions are developed to measure by the Technical Department of the company ensuring that the platform not only has all the advanced features of any exchange of the market but also supports functionalities of this sector. These allow full control of the business logic associated with the voice service offered. All this allows us to provide the highest quality to an environment, which until now, was not in the hands of real professionals.


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