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Nur TVライブストリームをご覧ください。 Turkeyテレビチャンネル


Take “Nur TV” to your daily news store for all breaking of the world news, music, sports, and much other interesting content 24/7 live that will help you stay up to date on the events shaping on around the world.

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 公開済み October 25, 2015, そして最後に変更された 6 months ago.

Nur TV started its broadcasting activities in 2011. The channel, founded by Iskender Erol Evrenosoglu, the owner of Nur Radyo and MİHR magazine, broadcasts only religious content.

Channels which are monitored intensively by those who want to learn the name of religious knowledge has been successfully printed quality thematic channels that broadcast from Turkey.

From time to time answers to religiously curiosity issues are broadcast on the list of Nur TV broadcasting religious chat, movies and conversations are also published.

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We will always try to updating this tv channel so that you can watch comfortably. We re-publish content from the third-party television stations, sometimes susceptible to interference from television broadcast sources that we take to be embedded in this page.

If you find the channel that is not working properly, please visit the Official website for the Nur TV. We are not affiliated in any way with the broadcast and not responsible for their contents. All contents are copyright of respective owners.

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