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Lejel Home Shopping


Lejel Home Shoppingライブストリームをご覧ください。 Indonesiaテレビチャンネル

 公開済み March 31, 2020

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In Indonesia, the home shopping business is growing. Lejel Home Shopping became one of the pioneers in creating broadcasting and service innovation. Founded in 2007 which then rapidly, and now Lejel is increasingly expanding its wings with local television branches and stations throughout Indonesia.

Lejel Home Shopping presents innovative and quality products for the public by simply calling and delivering service systems. We provide a wide range of high-quality products and needs, including products: Health, Beauty, Home Appliances, Sports. Supported by a Storage center (Warehouse), swift delivery staff and a 24-Hour Call Center center, Lejel Home Shopping is ready to provide the best service for consumers. Not only that, as a home shopping company, now Lejel has been developing and presenting drama for the satisfaction of Indonesian consumers. Making it the first drama channel in Indonesia. We also have movies and food and life channels. That way, Lejel Home Shopping is expected to become a provider of various programs and content (multi-program providers) in Asia.

Together with the spirit of a thousand-year smile, Lejel Home Shopping strives to be a leader in digital broadcasting and home shopping as well as being a home shopping company trusted by Indonesian consumers.

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