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Yone TV

Yone TV


Yone TVライブストリームをご覧ください。 Indiaテレビチャンネル

 公開済み October 27, 2015, そして最後に変更された 1 month ago.

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Yone TV
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Yone TV is the first complete Telugu Web TV Channel started by Yelamanchili TV Pvt Ltd from Ugadi,2013 in Visakhapatnam. It was extended to Cable TV channel on In Digital network of Visakhapatnam. With the experience gained from web and cable channels, Yelamanchili TV Pvt Ltd started the first Satellite Telugu channel (named YoneTV) of Visakhapatnam as well as of SeemaAndhra region from 28-12-2013 on Intelsat 17 satellite at 66 degrees east and 3876MHZ frequency. The full-fledged operations of the channel were started on 06-Feb-2014 by Sri. Rajnath Singh Garu in New Delhi.

Programs in YTV include News, entertainment, infotainment, devotional, comedy, movies, songs, reality shows, storyboards, discussions, interviews, documentaries, chit chats, game shows, and other programs.


To become the most successful and trusted Satellite Telugu Channel of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and for Telugu people spread across the world.


Our Vision is achieved with the following mission:

  • Telecast the news, not the views.
  • Provide unbiased analysis of news.
  • Highlighting the public problems and issues.
  • Innovative and enthralling entertainment programs.
  • Adopt the latest broadcasting technologies to reduce operation and setup costs.
  • Recruit and nurture the best talent in the Industry.
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